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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Test Pattern of ASF ASI & Corporal Jobs.

 Test Pattern of ASF ASI & Corporal Jobs.

The test will be based on MCQs. One of any testing service like OTS, ITS, PTS will take test for ASF ASI & Corporal Jobs.

Test Contents & Syllabus for ASF ASI & Corporal Jobs

Current Affairs Pakistan Study Islamiat

General Knowledge Everyday Science English

Mathematics Intelligent Test Personality Test

Current Affairs:- Current affairs mean the latest changes in the world like change of Chairman FBR, change of Secretary General of UNO. You have to read newspapers to stay updated with current affairs.

Pakistan Study:- The topic of Pakistan Study is in two portions. One is before the Pakistan, 1947 & other is after Pakistan 1947.

Islamiat:- Islamiat consists of Islam’s basics concepts, Ibadat, Quran, Hadis etc.

General Knowledge:– This topic has no limits. You have to study everything at your best. The tip for General Knowledge is that create your interest in the topic and read it like Story.

Everyday Science:– Everyday Science consists of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer science. You can read upto matric level for preparation of Everyday Science.

English:- For preparation of English you have to cover vocabulary, Grammar, Direct Indirect, Active Passive Voice & Sentence Structure.

Mathematics:– For preparation of Mathematics just revise the basic concepts of Ratios, Average, Sequence, Numbers, Algebra & Upto Matric level.

Intelligent Test:– For Intelligent Test you should seek the books for ISSB & PAF Books for Commissions etc.

Personality Test:– Personality Test means the common sense questions to examine your inner thinkings & mind level. ISSB & Commission books contains this type of content.

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